Raising Cattle For Profit – Requirements For Success In Farming Beef Cattle

Farming Beef Cattle
Farming Beef Cattle

Raising cattle for profit can be a lucrative business venture. High return of investment is easily achievable with the right type of cattle farming operation and an effective business plan to go with it.

Cattle farming can be a long process and would take a lot of dedication. Success in this type of business is measured by the effort one exerts. Before starting on raising cattle for profit, one should assess his interests towards this type of endeavour. Going at it half-heartedly will only produce unwanted results; even worst is for the business to turn into a bad investment. Most of the successful farmers have been on the business for years and the two of their key attitudes is patience and hard work. Having said that, below are the basic requirements for raising cattle for profit:

1.) Purchasing the Right Cattle Breed

There are myriad of cattle breed available in the market. There are breeds which are good for their meat alone and there are those which are used only to harvest dairy products. Raising cattle for profit necessitates a specific type of breed for a specific type of business enterprise. In any case, the cows to be purchased should be of high quality and should be in good health. Never purchase sick cows.

2.) Shelter, Feed, Water and Others

Lastly, shelter, feed and other provisions must be present. Farmers don’t need to spend a lot for barns; it is OK to start with a simple enclosure and then developing them into more a fit shelter as profits are earned. Water should be present all day in- one cow can require as much as 12 gallons of water a day. On the other hand, feeds for cow differ for each breed. Dairy cows require a different feeding sustenance compared to beef cattle. Lastly, other provision such as medicines and veterinary assistance are essentials as well to ensure a good return of investment.

3.) Adopting a Good Business Plan

As with any business venture, having a good business plan ensures a smooth sailing operation. Central to this, of course, is to have a thorough research about cattle farming; studying the principles of cattle farming gives one a head start. Setting the objectives for the business is done on this stage. Also, strategies and specific plans should be laid out; it is always good to have them planned out beforehand rather than studying them only when the problem occurred. Included on this stage as well is the choosing of the type of enterprise or operation to focus into. Is it going to be plainly for selling of the meat, or will the business include producing dairy products and other derivative products from cattle. There are different requirements for every type of operation. Lastly, a farmer should set a time frame in which he intends to receive a return of investment.

4.) Farm Land

The most basic of the requirements is the farm land. A good one should have enough area to allow the cows to grace freely; usually, one or two acres of land would be enough for small scale farming. It is important to make sure that the farmland is fenced wel so the cows won’t stray or get lost. Trees on the land is a plus because they provide shade on the pasture.

Cattle farming takes hard work, but the efforts are well worth it once profits are earned. This business is one of the largest industries in the world – amounting to multi-billion dollar a year. Meet and other cattle products such as dairy and leather will never be out of demand. Raising cattle for profit is one enjoyable and rewarding task to do.

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