A bit about the farm

Founded by Communication Designer Aritz Bermudez in the beginning of 2012, CreativeFarm is a creative boutique born as a response to the Guatemalan trend of creating steril and banal advertising.
Understanding the implications of global culture that begin to displace the old methods of marketing and having a clear conviction in keeping up with new trends in music, art, film, television and photography, among others, CREATIVE FARM is the creative agency of this new decade.


Lets get friendly ;)



  • roberto

    lov it! keep on making more please :)

    • Creative Farm

      thank you roberto! Saty tuned because im working on a second series.

  • Piers

    Aritz this series is absolutely magical. Such a gorgeous strong and yet blissfully soft vision, I love these profoundly!! Are you usually open to doing art for musical artists or specific projects of that nature, as I am a producer of ambient/downtempo/theatre composition music and would really love to get in touch with you regarding works like this!! blessings and peace!

    • Creative Farm

      Thank you very much piers, I have sent you an email! Hope to work together on some project. :)

  • Kailey LaClare


    • Creative Farm

      Thank You Kalley

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